Enabling the Independent
Designer’s Dreams

Submit your design proposal and let us help with material sourcing, production, and funding.

Our material library stocks materials of the highest quality from fabrics to leather to accessories.

For production, we work with craftsmen in South-East Asia, providing them with opportunities to reach out to designers globally. In return, working with these craftsmen and home industries enables us to produce at a much lower MOQ (minimum order quantity) than production solutions currently available. Working with these craftsmen also gives designers access to high quality craftsmanship and production.

We help designers raise funding through a crowd-funding model, where production will only commence once a set number of pieces have been pre-sold in a certain time frame. Through this model, designers would be able to go to production with minimal risks, and buyers would get access to unique products from new independent brands.

We currently enable production in 3 categories for both men’s and women’s products:

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Sneakers | Dress Shoes | Boots | Sandals | etc.
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Small Carry Goods

Clutches | Wallets | Laptop Sleeves | Pouches | etc.
Icon bags 1d496c12bd3e98ea4aa9c9525b8c64dfc191038ed4caf703513e37a4d5ff4c57


Backpacks | Totes | Duffles | Briefcases | Handbags | etc.

Enabling with MAKERSCUT

We understand that launching an independent takes more than materialising your designs. So here are some additional services you might like us to help you with.

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1. Design Submission

Give us your brief. Tell us the inspiration behind your product and how you envision the brand to be. Use moodboards and sketches to support your ideas visually, and provide sketches with actual dimensions of your product showing 3 angles, front, back and ¾ profile view with details such as colour and finish quality. Finally, choose your materials of choice from our materials library.

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2. Prototyping

Once sketches have been finalized, we will then proceed to the prototyping phase. In this phase, sketches will be refined into Tech Pack with actual pattern drawings needed for the creation of the prototype. Prototypes would be done in 2 stages: (1) Mock up using materials such as foams, craft papers etc. This is to finalize the dimensions and to ensure the shapes are correct. (2) Final prototyping using actual material. This is the final stage which will bring the design up to 80% of completion.

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3. Funding

Once prototyping has been confirmed, we will then go to the funding stage. MAKERSCUT utilizes a crowdfunding model to fund individual projects. For example, a design needs to hit a production goal of 36 pieces sold within a 21-day period before it is being sent for production. In the case the production goal is not met, the buyers’ credit cards won’t be charged and there won’t be any cost incurred both on the designer’s as well as MAKERSCUT’s side.

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4. Production

Once a project has successfully reached the goal and sent for actual production, MAKERSCUT will oversee the whole process from production, quality control, and finally logistics and delivery to the designers.

Currently the designer submission process is still in closed beta mode where we work with designers on a one to one basis. If you have an idea for a product you would like to materialize using our platform, please provide us with your email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.