Services. From pattern making to sampling to material sourcing to production. Let us make it happen.


At Makerscut, we believe the pre-production phase of fashion production is as, if not more, important than the actual production process. From assisting you in creating a detailed techpack, to material sourcing, to pattern making, and finally to prototyping and sampling, our project managers will take you through the steps necessary and getting you all the resources you need for the actual production phase.


To ensure that brands experience reliable, high quality manufacturing, we first go through a stringent shortlisting process to make sure that the manufacturers we work with are capable not only to delivery the best quality, but to deliver it consistently. A proprietary workflow involving a combination of pre-production steps, detailed production guidelines and supervision by our quality control and inspection teams on the ground further ensures that production standards are met. Project managers work closely with brands right from the start to oversee and ensure the completion and success of the projects.


1. Bags

2. Small Carry Goods

3. Footwear