Peek Wallet by Asfallen

Category : small carry goods
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About the Brand

Founded in Bandung Indonesia in 2016, Asfallen focuses on the utilitarian aspects of the products, with the purpose of solving everyday issues through designs. The brand's direction often sees it utilizing simple materials and clean simplistic designs to bring forth the simple often overlooked solutions their products solve.

About This Project

The idea for the Peek Wallet came about when the designer was looking for a phone wallet with specific requirements: 1. To be able to house a phone with the casing 2. To have a quick way to check incoming calls without needing to take phone out of the wallet. 3. To be a full wallet with compartments for cards and bill notes.

The Peek wallet's double opening allows users to quickly access the general part of the wallet where notes and cards are stored or to quickly access incoming call informations.

Product Specifications

The Peek wallet is crafted using Box Calf leather and comes in three colorways, Navy Blue, Olive Green, and Egg White. It comes with 8 card slots, a slot for notes and a mobile phone compartment.

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