Cut-Out Oxford

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About the Brand

Black Eyed Daisy was founded in Bandung, Indonesia in 2016. B.E.D.'s design philosophy is founded on embracing contrasts; from contrasting materials to styles to colours and production processes. 

About this project

The Cut-Out Oxford takes a classic silhouette of a traditionally male shoe and creates a female shoe that's halfway between serious and fun. A shoe that changes its looks with your choice of socks. The other subtle contrast in the shoe could be found in the production. Beneath the fun appearance, the Cut-Out Oxford is created using traditional hand stitching on full leather soles by traditional Craftsmen.

Product Specifications

The Cut-Out Oxford is crafted using Box Calf leather with full leather sole. Each pair is painstakingly hand-stitched using traditional stitching method passed down for generations. The intricacies and the details needed for hand stitching means that each craftsman is only able to produce a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes per day.

Help Enable the Independent Designer's Dreams

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